Tooth whitening

Whitening teeth can be a very effective way of changing the appearence of the teeth and giving them a more "youthful" appearence. One of the great advantages of tooth whitening is that no part of the tooth has to be ground away. We take impressions of your teeth to make trays which are like thin gumshields . These are used to contain the whitening gel and are worn for a few hours, usually overnight. We usually find the desired result can be achieved in about a week.

Anti-snoring devices

We can make appliances to be worn at night to help reduce or prevent snoring. These usually involve positioning the lower jaw forward during sleep. We usually use "Silensor"  appliances as we find these are tolerated best.

We may need to involve your G.P. or the hospital to investigate any problems with sleep apnoea.


Headaches and tooth grinding and "clicking" jaw joints

Headaches can sometimes be caused by clenching your teeth. Tooth wear caused by a grinding habit can also be a problem. Sometimes clicking jaw joints can be painful. We can make various types of appliances which can help reduce the symptoms of these problems.

Sports mouthguards

Many sports require the participant to wear a mouthguard to protect the teeth from injury. We can construct mouthguards in various colours and designs.

Other treatments and referrals

Currently we do not provide Implants or Orthodontic treatment. We can provide referrals to colleagues in other practices to provide these services.

We can also refer to patients to hospital if they require more complex oral surgery or specialist investigations.